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Alphabet World is a text adventure game that was made for the GMTK game jam in 48 hours. In Alphabet World you only get a select amount of text characters to use in the beginning of the game and slowly build up your roster, allowing you to use more commands and reference more items over the course of the game.


Alphabet World.zip 1 MB


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Game doesn't accept the sandwhich as a purchase option as it spells it

Are you sure that you have all of the required letters unlocked?

already at level 10

Sorry, I just now have realized that there was a spelling error on sandwich. If you type in, "purchase the zach sandwhich" it should work : )

could you please add highlights to the commands that have all there letters available? I keep accidentally trying to use commands that can't be used yet.

I wasn't planning on updating the game since it was made for a game jam but if I get more feedback I might put aside a day to make improvements : )